26 May 2015

New Release | Make Up For Ever Pro Bronze Fusion

So you may or may not have heard that Make Up Forever has hit UK soils.  C'mon now, who're you kidding?!  Of course, you've heard!  I, for one, have been just dying to get my hands on anything I can from them.  I haven't looked at my local Debenhams yet, but I pray to God they have them in there!

Blogging has introduced me to products that I never thought I'd use.  Bronzer being one of them.  I had always been scared of bronzers until I started blogging and started trying out new things.  I'm thankful I did, I can't be without it now.  Imagine my joy, when the Make Up Forever Pro Bronze Fusion (£28) landed at my doorstep!
Make Up For Ever Pro Bronze Fusion #20M Sand Review - Aspiring Londoner

The packaging is really nice and sturdy.  This is always great as you know it wont fall into pieces if you travel with it.  I love the embossed wave design.  What's unique about this little bronzer is that it's not actually a bronzer powder.  Well, it is but the powder is formulated in such a way that you can't feel the powder.  It feel almost like a cream gel, but it's a powder.  No, I'm not losing it, it's real!  I couldn't get my head around the idea either, until I touched it.  It feels like a powder compact might, but as you touch it nothing 'powdery' comes off.  You see the colour of the bronzer on your fingers but you can't feel it!  It's something special indeed.

This rather unique formula makes the Pro Bronze Fusion look really natural and you can build it up as much as you want.  It feels completely weightless no matter how much you build it up to.  Honestly, it's quite a nice feeling to not 'feel' your makeup, because whenever I contour/bronze up my face, I'm very aware that I have it on.  Wheres with this, often I touched my face completely forgetting, I have some form of bronzer on my face.

Because of the formula, you'll be thoroughly disappointed if you're going to try it out with a big fluffy brush.  The fine fine powder that feels like gel/liquid, you're gonna need something a lot more dense.  Obviously MUFE has thought ahead and launched the Make Up For Ever Kabuki Bronze Fusion Brush (£24).  The densely packed straight bristles help to pick up the pigments really well and blend on your skin perfectly.  I imagine other similar kabuki brushes would work too.  I love how cute this brush is though, and the handle is made really well with a wooden bottom.  Tres chic!
Make Up For Ever Pro Bronze Fusion #20M Sand Review - Aspiring Londoner

Make Up For Ever Pro Bronze Fusion #20M Sand Swatch - Aspiring Londoner

Another notable thing about this bronzer is that, it comes in three shades and two finishes.  Shades with M at the end are matte finish, and shades with I at the end have an iridescent finish.  I have shade #20M Sand which is a medium bronze shade with matte finish and it's perfect for me!  The bronzer will be great for daytime as it looks so so natural, but you can build it up to be intense for the evening.

The Pro Bronze Fusion has been a brilliant introduction to Make Up Forever.  I'm so impressed by the quality of the Pro Bronze Fusion that it has made me want to try more products from them!

Have you tried anything from Make Up For Ever?  Share recommendations in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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Some of these items have been sent to me for review purposes.

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