19 May 2015

Budget Buy | Makeup Revolution Amazing/Hypocrisy Eyeliner Collection

Makeup Revolution has launched some more new products, and these will blow you away!  Meet the new Makeup Revolution Amazing Eyeliner/Hypocrisy Eyeliner Collection (£1)!  Essentially there are two different ranges as the Hypocrisy Eyeliners can also be used as Lipliners!  I think that's such a fantastic idea, as it opens up the idea of playing with colours.  I always mix up various makeup products to create effects.  I remember mixing a tingle of black eye pencil with my red lipstick to create a deeper red in my teenage years!  So it's great to see that Makeup Revolution are creating products and adapting formulas for multi-use to make it easy for everyone.  I have full swatches of the ranges so read on to see them in action!
Makeup Revolution Amazing Eyeliner Hypocrisy Eyeliner Review - Aspiring Londoner

Makeup Revolution Amazing Eyeliners

There are four shades in the range - Stardust, black colour with silver glitter running through it; Black, a carbon black colour; Iconic Brown, a deep chocolate brown colour; and Bad Girl Blue, a deep royal blue colour.

The kohl pencils come with a sharpener on the lid which is so great!  It's usually my biggest problem with pencil eyeliners, as I always have to run around trying to find a sharpener!  The formula of the pencils are creamy but not crumbly.  They glide on without snagging the skin on my lids.  You can smudge them too to create a smoky effect.  They do last through the day although transfer on my lids.  This is not a massive problem for me as I tend to set with powder and that somewhat diminishes that issue.  The formula and texture really remind me of the Topshop Kohl Pencil, which I love too!  I love the shade Bad Girl Blue and Iconic Brown as the colours are vibrant and the pigemntation is amazing!  In just one swipe, you get intense colour payoff.  Well worth buying the whole collection to be honest!
Makeup Revolution Amazing Eyeliner Swatches - Aspiring Londoner

Makeup Revolution Hypocrisy Eyeliners

The Hypocrisy Eyeliners come in five shades - Tipx, a matte white colour; Crime, a barbie pink colour; Depraved, a lilac colour; Baddest Blue, a light royal blue colour; and Vice, a vibrant orange colour.

These pencils also come with a sharpener on the lid.  The formula of the pencil are softer than the eyeliners and not as waxy as some lipliners on the highstreet.  I was really suprised at how good the formula quality was!  I was recently trying out the Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Pencils and I didn't buy them as they were quite hard and waxy.  The Hypocrisy liners supersede them by far.  The creamy formula, the highly pigmentation of the pencils and the lasting power is just incredible - and all for a £1 too!  I'm super excited to wear them this summer, especially the shade Vice.
Makeup Revolution Hypocrisy Eyeliner Swatches - Aspiring Londoner

What do you think of the Hypocrisy Eyeliners?  Will you be picking these beauties from Makeup Revolution?  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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Some of these items have been sent to me for review purposes.

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