16 May 2015

Origins Modern Friction Scrub | The Exfoliator You Need

If you're a regular reader of AL, you know I don't like manual scrubs at all.  There is an exception to that rule, the Origins Modern Friction Scrub (£33, 125ml).  Why?  Because it's not like other manual scrubs at all, and the results it gives is not like other face scrubs either!
Origins Modern Friction Scrub Review - Aspiring Londoner

The Modern Friction scrub claims to resurface your skin similar to a dermabrasion without any redness or damage to your skin.  It is supposed to reduce the size of your pores and remove uneven patches, signs of skin damage and discolourations.  Does Origins deliver on these claims?  I've been using this Origins scrub for years, so let me tell you why I haven't stopped!

The scrub has a thick creamy consistency with rice starch as the scrub particles, which are gentler than other exfoliating scrubs.  It has a subtle fresh smell that I adore.  I take a pea sized amount and apply to clean, dry skin.  Applying it to dry skin really helps the scrub to 'stick' to your skin and work as you massage it.  You get much better results this way!  

I then gently massage it all over my face keeping it well away from my eyes and lips.  Be warned, don't get it anywhere near your eyes as it will sting like hell!  This is because of the lemon oil in the scrub to help illuminate your skin.  After I feel like I've given my face a good exfoliation, I add some water.  this helps to loosen the scrub and helps the scrub glide around my face more easily.  I scrub a little more and then gently wash away using lukewarm water.

The result is baby soft skin to touch.  The effect is immediate as you touch and feel velvety smooth skin.  My skin also looks a lot brighter and I instantly can see that it has made a difference to my face.  What I love most that the exfoliating particles, the rice starch is so gentle on my face that it doesn't feel like a scrub at all!  I always  always  have this in my stash as it really helps to brighten my skin.  I don't have a full sized one at the moment as I've got so many travel sized ones from sets I buy from Origins, but it's well worth the splurge.  A little goes such a long way that it lasts forever too!

What is your favourite scrub?  Have you tried Origins Modern Friction Scrub?  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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