16 June 2015

French Pharmacy Skincare In My Basket

I was going to call this a wishlist, but if I'm honest, it's more a 'what's sitting in my basket to be paid for' list.  I'm basically waiting for payday so I can pay for this stock up of my skincare cabinet.  Currently Escentual and Feel Unique are having a French Pharmacy skincare sale where you can save up to a 1/3rd off the price!  This sale is on through the month of June, so if you're looking to get your hands on these brands - hurry now!

French Pharmacy Skincare

La Roche Posay Serozinc Toner, £5.66

One of the products that has become a regular in my skincare.  It contains zinc, which helps my blemish prone skin to be better behaved!  It's affordable and lasts a looong time!  IF you have oily/combination skin and struggle with blemishes, give this a go.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm, £6.33

My full review explains exactly why I love this.  Without fail, I use this this every night, and my lips has never been in better state.  One of the products I came across since I started blogging, and I just couldn't be without it.  I always always have back up of this in my stash.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Power Serum, £14.66

A new product that I have read Sali Hughes rave about.  It sounds like a perfect serum for the summer where it will provide much needed hydration to my perched skin.  Excited to try it out!

La Roche-Posay Effaclar 3-Step Anti-Blemish System, £21.96

LRP Effaclar range is a lifesaver to me.  I trialled it and reviewed in full here.  It has kept my skin in check and 90% of the time my skin is great shape as a result of this range.  My other half swears by it too - so we go through this stuff like nobody's business in our household!  Another repurchase!

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light Fluid SPF50+, £11

This is actually for someone else, because I go on about it so much - my friend has asked me to pick it up for her.  You see?  I'm converting everyone to the LRP way!  Non-greasy, non-sticky SPF that provides great protection without messing with your skincare or makeup!  Read about my beginner's guide to SPF here with full review of the Anthelios.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+], £10.33

An extension of the Effaclar range love.  We seem to go through the moisturiser far faster than the rest of the products.  We must go through a fair few tubes over the year.  Here's my full review; in one sentence - it keeps my skin in check.  It helps to clarify my pores and it turn helps my skin stay clear as much as possible.

What will you be picking up in the French Pharmacy skincare sale?  Spot any of your favourites?  Share recommendations in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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