11 August 2015

Review | Cover FX Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation & CC Cream

So I don't know where I've been hiding, but I didn't realise we had Cover FX in the UK?  Obviously I had to try them out and review for you guys.  They have a great range of foundations to choose from.  Read on to find out what I thought about the Cover FX Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation and Cover FX CC Cream!
Cover FX Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation & Cover FX CC Cream Review Swatches - Aspiring Londoner

Cover FX Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation (£34)

I’m always up for trying out foundations.  Foundations with oil free formulation are my favourite to try, because of my oily skin type.  I was also seduced by the natural finish claims – I do love a foundation that gives that natural glow to my skin.  I don’t love clunky glass bottle packaging, they might look good on your vanity, but they’re certainly not functional.  Cover FX has cleverly packaged this foundation in a tube, which is great for travelling, touch ups or just general storing away.  

It’s doesn't have a fragrance and has a creamy texture.  I expected quite runny texture as more and more foundations are heading that way, and oil free usually means liquid-y formulation.  I liked the creamy formula as it felt almost like smoothing on moisturiser on my face.  I used my Real Techniques buffing brush for the task and it blended really well on to my skin.   It comes in 18 shades; I have been using the shade G50, which at first look looked a little dark – but once on the skin it blended out to match my skin well.  Another great thing about the shades is that they come in 3 different undertones - golden, neutral and pink.  I love when brands do this as it makes it that much easier for us to get a better shade match.  It gives medium coverage, which was good enough for me.  I used concealer where I needed extra coverage.  Immediately after application, it gives a matte finish.  This is great as I didn’t straightaway have to reach for powders.  Other makeup sits on the foundation well.  The matte finish doesn’t interfere with other makeup formulations.  

Around lunch time, I could see a little shine coming through areas around my nose (this is where I have enlarged pores).  So I powdered the tiniest amount on those areas.  By the end of the day, my face got a little bit shiny, but not oily just shiny.  For a natural finish product where I powdered the tiniest amount, the foundation performed really well!  I was surprised that I didn’t look like a disco ball by the end of the day as my forehead can get pretty oily, but wasn’t anywhere near that bad.  Whenever I’ve used other ‘normal’ foundation without powdering, I’ve had to go in armed with powder by lunch time.
Cover FX Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation & Cover FX CC Cream Review Swatches - Aspiring Londoner

Cover FX CC Cream (£35)

I love CC creams in the summer.  They colour correct without completely covering my skin like a foundation and feels breathable.  A CC cream and some spot concealing are my favourite base for warmer months.  It’s packaged in a sturdy tube which is great for throwing in your bag.  It smells pleasant but not overpowering.  It comes in 7 shades, and I use the shade G Light/Medium.

Initially I was surprised at the formulation as it comes out quite thick from the tube.  I expect CC creams to have a much lighter formulation as they are not supposed to provide coverage, or work to control oil.  This initially made a little sceptical in terms of its performance.  As I applied it with my fingers it was very creamy but set to a very matte finish.  It blends really well with my skin and didn’t accentuate any dry patches.  It evened out my complexion i.e. took care of redness, but did not cover any blemishes/scars – so it has light coverage as expected.  I didn’t powder my face in the morning to really test this out.  By lunch time, there was some oil coming through especially in my t-zone, I did blot a little.  By the end of my 8-9 hour working day, you could tell that my makeup needed refreshing.  There was a lot of visible oil on my face.  I kind of expected this as it is a CC cream and isn’t supposed to provide any oil control.  This is quite usual when I wear minimal base products as my skin acts as it would naturally.  In other words, be quite oily.  

I wore it the next day and powdered my face in the morning and at lunch time, which made the CC cream perform much better.  My skin looked quite fresh and looked like my skin even at the end of the day.  I think for shade match and coverage, this is a better CC cream than others I’ve used so far.  It works really well to even out my redness even when it’s hot and my redness tends to get worse.  Overall I’m pleased with the product.

I would really recommend the foundation as I thought that had the better performance and offered something different.  It has definitely made me want to try other base products from Cover FX!  Think I'm going to try out the popular Cover FX Custom Cover Drops.

Have you tried anything from Cover FX?  What has been your base product of choice this summer?  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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Some of these items have been sent to me for review purposes.

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