16 August 2015

Superdrug Brand Swap Challenge

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to certain things.  For example, body products or skincare that I know works for me.  So I was interested to take part in the Superdrug Swap Shop Money Saving Challenge! 

Superdrug Own Brand Swap Challenge - Aspiring Londoner

The challenge was to swap your regular skincare/bodycare etc to Superdrug’s own brand products to see how they compared.  Best part? Superdrug was offering a 100% money back guarantee if customers aren’t completely satisfied with their own brand purchases, as well as providing a 25% discount voucher for their next own brand purchase!  Definitely a great offer if you’re trying out new products!  I tried a few different things and wanted to share my favourites.

First up, body butters!  You know I love my The Body Shop body butters and Soap & Glory body butters.  Just haven’t found anything that I love using as much.  I tried Superdrug Vitamin E All Over Body Cream, (£2.99) and was rather surprised at how nice it was.  The packaging has changed and you actually get more for your money now.  It smells really nice and not overpowering, and doesn’t linger too long.  What I loved most was the formulation – it was thick enough to be nourishing but not too thick as to feel heavy on my skin.  I took the whole tub with me whilst my summer holidays as I knew I wouldn’t feel bad if I left it/or had to throw it out for customs etc as it’s so affordable.  This is definitely not a dupe for my beloved Soap & Glory body butters, but a great affordable option that I will repurchase.  I actually prefer this to The Body Shop body butters – so if that’s your vice, you need to try this out for a fraction of the price. 

Superdrug Vitamin E All Over Body Cream Review - Aspiring Londoner

Of late, I have been a massive fan of The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil (£11) for removing makeup.  It is the best product for removing every last scrap of makeup without any effort at all.  For the swap, I tried out the Superdrug Vitamin E Dual Phase Cleansing Oil (£2.99).  It has two layers that you shake and mix, then apply to cotton pad to remove makeup with.  It's not a dupe for the TBS Cleansing Oil.  It's a decent makeup remover for the price, I'll definitely use this to remove eye makeup/lipstick but to remove a full face of makeup with this is quite a hassle. 
 Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Mask Review - Aspiring Londoner

Another swap product that I adore is something I’ve mentioned on AL before.  It’s the Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Mask (£2.59).  It’s a brilliant alternative to the Origins Overnight Moisture Mask.  I’ve had the Superdrug mask with me all summer.  It was super useful for the 14 hour flight and the scorching dry heat of Italy.  I would be a dried up prune without it!  The price is so affordable that I was using it on my hands, feet and just anywhere on my skin that felt even a little bit dry!  I recommend this to everyone, great product.

I'm really happy that i discovered some lovely products because of this challenge and I'll definitely be repurchasing them!  That body butter is beautiful!

What are your favourite Superdrug own brand products?  Will you be taking up the challenge?  Share recommendations in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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Some of these items have been sent to me for review purposes.

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