28 September 2015

Beautyblender Or Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge?

I’ve wanted to do this post for over a year now, but lost my Beautyblender for quite a while.  Honestly, I lost stuff all the time, it’s horrendous!  Anyway, I found it a couple of weeks ago, ‘tidied’ away nicely…so here I am.  I’m sure this post has been done to death, but I wanted to put my two cents in.  So is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge a dupe for the Beautyblender?  Let’s find out!
Beautyblender VS Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Comparison - Aspiring Londoner


25 September 2015

Currently Loving #1

I haven’t done a favourites post for quite some time.  The reason being they were a tad boring to write as I felt obliged to write them.  Recently I was watching Khila’s (Miss Budget Beauty) videos where she voiced the same feeling.  So inspired by her, I bring you my latest series ‘Currently Loving’!  It’s not going to be weekly/monthly, but just as and when I really want to talk about a few products.  In today’s post there is a great mixture of old and new favourites that I’m obsessed with right now!
Currently Loving ft Pixi, MAC, Max Factor, MUFE, Soap & Glory - Aspiring Londoner

24 September 2015

Eid Look/Get Ready With Me

I’ve wanted to do an Eid get ready with me for a while.  But last eid I wasn’t here and this eid came around so quickly!  So this is kind of a trial get ready with me for you guys.  I tend to go quite sparkly at Eid, as it’s probably the only time of year I do go all out.
Eid Get Ready With Me Makeup - Aspiring Londoner


21 September 2015

What's In My Shower?

A clich├ęd post but one I always enjoy!  I’m always clicking on what’s in my shower posts not just to see what products people use, but also their bathroom decor!  Just me?!  I don’t know what it is but we (i.e. the human race) are inherently quite nosey.  We love to know what’s happening behind closed doors, or in this case closed shower curtains!  So let’s get inside my shower, shall we?!
What's In My Shower ft Soap & Glory, Pantene, The Body Shop - Aspiring Londoner


20 September 2015

Eid Greeting Cards Review

Ah stationery!  One of my other obsessions, I love me some pens, postcards and most of all greeting cards.  Nowadays I find I get a lot more e-cards than actual paper greeting cards.  Although I understand the reasons behind, it's just nice sometimes to receive an actual card with your favourite peoples' handwriting and to be able to display it on your desk!
Eid Greeting Cards by Muslim by Design - Aspiring Londoner


18 September 2015

Antipodes Organic Skincare Review #OrganicBeauty

14th - 20th September marks organic beauty week.  I must say I’m not fussed about natural/organic ingredients­ in my skincare and makeup.  Organic beauty is not something I actively look for.  Although I’m quite the ambassador for eating organic, for some reason I haven’t given organic beauty much thought.  It might seem strange, but mostly because as soon as I think of organic beauty products, I automatically think products that will have gloopy consistency and smell essentially like soil.  Yes, very ignorant of me.  My misconceptions were blown truly out of the water last year when I was introduced to Antipodes. 
Organic Beauty Week Antipodes - Aspiring Londoner


16 September 2015

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation Review

Dewy foundation for oily skin is a rare thing.  It’s a rare thing for me at least!  I always find that ‘glowy’ foundations more often than not turn into oil slicks.  I have to constantly strategically powder my face to retain some glow without looking like an oily mess.  It’s almost not worth the hassle.  I’ve been trying out the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation the last few weeks.  I always manage my expectations so I’m not swayed by claims of the product.
Too Faced Born This Way Foundation Warm Beige Review - Aspiring Londoner


14 September 2015

New Release | Kiko Milano Rebel Romantic Collection Review

I fondly await Kiko's Limited Edition collections as they always exude creativity, for example the Daring Game Collection or Modern Tribes etc.  I was a massive fan of those collections solely because the theme, the packaging - everything was exciting!  The new Kiko 'Rebel Romantic' collection is themed around a muse who is feminine yet rebellious.  The rose gold packaging reflects the feminine side whilst the gunmetal grey reflects the rebel.  The packaging is good, but is a bit meh in comparison to all the amazing collections they've had previously.  You know I love Kiko, but the packaging just didn't wow me like before.
Kiko Rebel Romantic Collection Review - Aspiring Londoner


12 September 2015

Review | Sephora Cream Lip Stain

If ever there was a hyped product, it has to be this – the Sephora Lip Cream.  I remember the first I heard of it was in Amelia Liana’s video and then it just went crazy.  Every beauty blogger seemed to have one!  Being the red lipstick hoarder that I am, I’ve wanted shade 01 Always Red for forever!  Whenever I adored a red lip colour on a YouTuber, went to see what they wore and it was this – the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in shade 01 Always Red.
Sephora Cream Lip Stain Review - Aspiring Londoner

10 September 2015

So What's Multi-Masking All About?

Beauty trends are overwhelming, there are many and some are just too odd (remember oil pulling?!).  Most tend to be makeup related, however a recent one that has caught my eye is multi-masking.  Now what's that about?  It's basically using multiple face masks together.  I've been seeing everyone and their dog talk about multi-masking and of course, I tried it out. 

Multi-masking ft Lush, Jurlique, Quick Fix Masks - Aspiring Londoner


7 September 2015

New Release | Clarins Autumn 2015 Collection

Can't believe it's that time already!  Autumn collections have started to flow in and Clarins' collection caught my eye straightaway.  From the neutral eyeshadow palette to the paprika lips, I love their take on autumn.  Clarins' Autumn collection includes a 5 eyeshadow palette, new ombre matte eyeshadow shades, eyebrow pencils, new crayon kohl shades and new shades of their rouge eclat lipsticks.
Clarins Autumn 2015 Collection Review - Aspiring Londoner

4 September 2015

5 Simple Ways To Relax And #LetGo

Being a woman today means we're constantly under pressure.  Pressure from work, family, society, media and most importantly from ourselves to be better, the best.  We're constantly striving to achieve something or another, whether it be a successful career or a great mother.  What we forget in the midst of all the noise is that we need to make time for ourselves, to relax.  I'm certainly guilty of pushing myself to get more done, to achieve more and neglect myself in the process.  I feel guilty for not blogging more, for not cleaning more or being more successful - but am I going to care that I didn't blog consistently this month 10 years down the line?  Probably not.

Relax and LetGo - Aspiring Londoner

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