4 September 2015

5 Simple Ways To Relax And #LetGo

Being a woman today means we're constantly under pressure.  Pressure from work, family, society, media and most importantly from ourselves to be better, the best.  We're constantly striving to achieve something or another, whether it be a successful career or a great mother.  What we forget in the midst of all the noise is that we need to make time for ourselves, to relax.  I'm certainly guilty of pushing myself to get more done, to achieve more and neglect myself in the process.  I feel guilty for not blogging more, for not cleaning more or being more successful - but am I going to care that I didn't blog consistently this month 10 years down the line?  Probably not.

Relax and LetGo - Aspiring Londoner

Although I do 'try' to put some time aside for myself once in a while, I realise now that I don't do it enough.  So I don't blog as often, or tidy everything as soon as I get home or keep up with social media right up until I get to bed - it is not the end of the world!  

Relax and LetGo Maybe List - Aspiring Londoner

Sanctuary Spa is on a mission to get women to relax, breathe and #LetGo!  They've created an amazing video - link. which really touched me, and just made me evaluate what I'm doing.  I had a a good think and thought of ways I can and will relax. 

'Me' time

Assign some 'me' time for yourself everyday.  It could be anything - just something that isn't work.  It could be watching your favourite episode of 'Friends', soaking in the bath your favourite bubble bath or even taking a nap.  Anything that takes you away from your routine chores and allows you to refresh.  A nap sounds like a great idea right about now!

Write my worries away

Put your problems down on a notebook and set it aside.  They'll still be there for you to work through later.  This may help take your mind off of them while you're trying to rest or even help you to come to a solution when you look at it later.  It allows your mind to rest without thinking all the time.

Relax and LetGo Maybe List - Aspiring Londoner


I know, I know, this is the last thing people think of when thinking about relaxation.  Now I'm not talking about anything too intense (unless you fancy that kinda thing!).  You can go for a walk around the block, go for a run, or even do some yoga!  It'll help you focus on your well being and exert you physically, meaning a better night's sleep.  I always find it hard to start exercising, but once I do it - I sleep like a baby that night!  Give it a go.


Probably my favourite way to relax, get in bed and read.  There's nothing like getting into a good book to make you stop thinking about email/bills/life.  I can completely forget what's happening in the world once I start reading.  I

Do nothing

Just sit back, close your eyes and do nothing.  If your mind wants to wander off, reign it back by mindfully breathing in and out or counting to a 100.  Soon enough you will slow down and relax.

However it is that you like to spend time relaxing, do that.  Just make sure you're taking time for yourself.  

You don't have to do everything, be everything - just be you.

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  1. I really need to #LetGo :D Thanks for the reminder xxx


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