18 September 2015

Antipodes Organic Skincare Review #OrganicBeauty

14th - 20th September marks organic beauty week.  I must say I’m not fussed about natural/organic ingredients­ in my skincare and makeup.  Organic beauty is not something I actively look for.  Although I’m quite the ambassador for eating organic, for some reason I haven’t given organic beauty much thought.  It might seem strange, but mostly because as soon as I think of organic beauty products, I automatically think products that will have gloopy consistency and smell essentially like soil.  Yes, very ignorant of me.  My misconceptions were blown truly out of the water last year when I was introduced to Antipodes. 
Organic Beauty Week Antipodes - Aspiring Londoner

Antipodes is an organic brand from New Zealand, who sources their ingredients traceably from sustainably cultivated plants.  Now just for a bit of clarification around the difference between natural and organic beauty products.  For a beauty products to be labelled natural, the ingredients must be sourced from nature rather than being man-made.  So the ingredients aren’t manipulated in a lab or don’t contain ingredients like petrochemicals, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphates, synthetic colours/dyes etc.  Whereas, organic labelled beauty products go through a far stricter process to pass the standards.  The ingredients need to have been sourced from nature without the use of synthetic pesticides, petroleum/sewage sludge fertilisers and must not have been genetically modified.  There are some great information about organic beauty by the Soil Association, if you want to know more.  They also have a great guide on organic beauty product labelling.

Antipodes has some natural and some certified organic products, and I loved most of what I’ve tried; including the organic products!
Antipodes Grape Seed Butter Cleanser Review - Aspiring Londoner

The most beautiful cleanser I’ve ever had the pleasure of using!  It has the most smooth, buttery texture that melts all your makeup and leaves your skin feeling smooth and supple.  It smells lovely and not overpowering.  I’ve promoted it to be a second cleanser as the ingredients are too good and the cleanser is too lovely to waste on removing makeup.  I love using this in the autumn/winter months as it really helps my skin to stay soft.  And that tub lasts absolutely forever!

I’ve started using this serum relatively recently so can’t yet vouch for the tone-correcting claims.  However it’s a great serum to wear during the day.  It’s not too heavy and just feels like adding water to my skin.  It smells quite fruity and I love that!  A far cry from my perceived ‘soil’ smell of organic beauty products!  I’m excited to see what results it brings with my hyperpigmentation!
Antipodes Apostle Serum & Avocado Rosehip Oil Review - Aspiring Londoner

My favourite facial oil!  I started using this last year and initially didn’t think I’d like it.  In fact I love it so much, I’ve actually gone through a bottle!  It’s crazy!  I’ve never gone through a bottle of facial oil in my life.  Although I should mention, I had a 10ml bottle and that lasted me almost a year!  It’s not one of those ‘dry’ oils, this is a proper oil.  It feels luxurious and just 2 drops is enough for my face and neck.  I use this after double cleansing my face at night and my face glows like no other!  It doesn’t look oily, but the kind of glow you get after a great facial!  The fragrance might not be for everyone, but good God I love it! The next morning, my skin looks and feels like new.  Absolute star product!

What do you think of organic beauty?  What's your favourite natural/organic brand?  Share recommendations in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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Some of these items have been sent to me for review purposes.

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