15 October 2015

Body Creams For Dry Skin This Autumn/Winter

The cold always gets me by surprise.  Somehow I always seem to forget exactly how cold autumn/winter gets every year.  And with that comes the dry skin.  For someone who has as oily facial skin as I, my skin everywhere else is really quite dry.  So I’ve been getting into moisturising routinely to avoid scaly skin.  There are a few body moisturisers that are helping me right now; from luxury Sunday pamper ones to daily on the go ones.
Winter Skin Saviour Body Lotions - Aspiring Londoner

The Body Shop Spa of the World Hawaiian Kukui Cream Review - Aspiring Londoner

The best body butter I’ve ever tried.  Just no comparison with anything at all.  It’s seriously creamy and smells divine!  The texture is not too heavy but really works to moisturise even the driest skin on my body.  The scent can’t be described, you need to smell it to truly appreciate how beautiful it is!  It lingers for the longest time without overpowering and I just love waking up in the morning and smelling amazing.  

This is the stuff you whip out in the colder months, when you want to feel pampered and special – the Sunday stuff!  The packaging is seriously luxe and really fits the price point, although £23 for a body butter makes me want to cry a little, but I will be repurchasing this without a shadow of doubt!
Neutrogena Visibly Renew Body Lotion Review - Aspiring Londoner

From the super pricey to the super affordable, I’ve never tried Neutrogena body products before.  It’s rather nice on the go as it absorbs fast yet is nourishing enough for the declining temperature.  The pump bottle is handy and makes daily moisturising less of a chore.  I keep it on my bedside table so I can moisturise and get into bed straightaway without having to wait.  It also claims to boost collagen production, although I have no idea if it actually does, but my skin does feel supple when I use it.  It has a subtle scent, and a light formula.  A great, affordable body lotion to keep handy this winter.
Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion Review - Aspiring Londoner

A godsend for sensitive and uber dry skin!  I’ve used it all through summer to nurse my sunburns back to normal, and even now in the cold it’s just as effective.  It’s not fragranced, it’s light but has that emollient formula that absorbs fast and works to heal irritated skin.  It works without aggravating your skin concerns and almost acts like a barrier so nothing else can exacerbate the already irritated skin.  It’s suitable for all skin types and is a must have for anyone who suffers from dry skin!

What's your go-to body cream for Autumn/Winter?  Share recommendations in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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Some of these items have been sent to me for review purposes.

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