7 November 2015

Caseapp Review + Discount Code

One of the perils of being an iPhone user is that you can never be without a case.  Literally the minute you take your phone case off, is the minute you will inevitabley drop your phone and crack the screen...yes it has happened to me, yes it is a pain in the neck and heck yes, it's expensive to fix!  I digress, but my point is that you need phone cases.
Caseapp iPhone 5S Case Review - Aspiring Londoner

I have recently seen a lot of customised phone cases and when Caseapp contacted me to design my own case, I was really excited!  Although I found it more challenging than I thought I would.  I know I wanted it to be something motivating, something that I look at through the day and it just makes me smile.  I love travelling and I'm forever wanting to take the next plane out to anywhere.  So I decided on a colourful world map and the quote "We TRAVEL not to escape life, but for LIFE not to escape us."  The website was really easy to use and so quick to make the changes I wanted.  The whole process took all of 15 minutes - I was super impressed.
Caseapp iPhone 5S Case Review - Aspiring Londoner

The case arrived within 4 days and was packaged securely.  I loved the case as soon as I laid my eyes on it!  Do you know when you imagine something will look good, and it just surpasses all your expectations in reality?  Yes, that! I went for a matte finish on the case and it was definitely the right choice.  It wouldn't show up scratches as easily.  I've sadly dropped my phone a couple of times with the case on, you'll be glad to hear - no cracks in sight.  The case is very sturdy and fits the phone perfectly.

There's not much else I can say about  a phone case really.  To be honest, the 'design your own phone case' is what caught my attention.  I absolutely adore it, and I've had a few people ask me where I got it from.  I have thought up a few more designs I'd like on a case - so maybe making a purchase soon!  If you'd like to design one for yourself, the lovely people over at Caseapp has provided an awesome exclusive 20% off code for my readers!  Use the code ASPIRINGCASE20 to get 20% off your own custom iPhone case!

Tag me on your custom iPhone cases on instagram/twitter when you get it!  Happy designing!

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The case has been provided to me for review.

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