9 November 2015

Jawbone UP24 Activity Tracker Review

Couple of months ago, I finally bit the bullet and got myself a Jawbone UP 24 Fitness Tracker (£99.99).  There was a gentle nudge in the form of a cracking offer, which meant I got mine for £30!  It was on offer at boots.com – and I jumped at the chance.  Now that I’ve used it every single day for 3 months, I wanted to fully review it in case any of you are keen on a fitness tracker for Christmas. 
Jawbone UP24 Activity Tracker Review - Aspiring Londoner

Jawbone UP24 Activity Tracker Review - Aspiring Londoner

There are a few colours to choose from, I decided on red, just because.  There are 4 sizes as well, on the Jawbone website, there’s a handy little chart to help you decide which size would be best for your wrist.  I chose medium based on the chart and it’s the perfect size.  The band itself doesn’t have a display; it only has a button and a ‘plug’ for the USB charger.  Initially one full charge would last 7 days, however Jawbone did a firmware update a few weeks ago, now it lasts 14 days!  It’s pretty great because you don’t have to charge as often.  You can charge it by plugging it into an USB port and it takes less than an hour for full charge.  I've plugged the charger into my iPhone charger piug and that works too!
Jawbone UP24 Activity Tracker Review - Aspiring Londoner

Jawbone UP24 Activity Tracker Review - Aspiring Londoner


The UP app is free to download and shows the data collected by your Jawbone band.  It shows analysis of your sleep, activity and food log.  The app syncs with your app via bluetooth on your phone.  The app has an in built food log you can use, however I sync my Jawbone app with My Fitness Pal as I’ve been using that for years and makes my life easier.  The Jawbone app syncs with a lot of other activity apps to ensure your food/activity tracking is made simpler and encourages you to keep using it.  

The app is really user friendly and pretty self explanatory.  You can have duels with other UP band users - where you try to beat each other step goals - silly, but my competitive side does enjoy it!  


I log my activity with My Fitness Pal and that syncs with Jawbone.  What I love about the activity tracker is that, it can ‘sense’ when you’ve been active and asks if you were active between those times.  So in case you’ve forgotten to log an activity like a walk, it will remind you to add it on.  I think this is a nice little feature!

The step counter is really good.  You can calibrate it to ensure it ‘understands’ your pace.  You can set your own daily step goals depending on how much you want to push yourself - through the day the app will prompt you 


When I first got my Jawbone, this was the one thing I was most excited about.  I know you can ‘analyse’ your sleep with some iPhone apps.  However I’ve never been a fan of sleeping with a phone under your pillow, I find it rather scary.  What if it overheats and explodes?!  Anyway, the sleep analysis function didn’t disappoint.  I’ve found it to be extremely insightful.  I used to think I have complete deep, undisturbed sleep so I couldn’t understand why felt so tired through the day sometimes.  Apparently I wake up quite a few times through the night!  I also found out that I don’t sleep enough.  This has helped me to keep better track of how many hours I sleep and if I’m fully rested or not!    
Jawbone UP24 Activity Tracker Review - Aspiring Londoner


Although my food data is synced from My Fitness Pal, the UP app gives food scores out of 10.  One being the worst, 10 being the best - this made me realise there were foods I thought were good for me, that aren’t actually that good and vice versa.  This is also quite good for when you’re eating out.  I often have lunch outside so I can make better decisions about which sandwich/salad is better in terms of macros.  

By analysing your food, the app tells you if you’re not consuming enough fibre and sets you goal to achieve.  It will also remind you through the day how much you’ve consumed so far and what types of food you can have to achieve your goal.

Connecting Apps

My Fitness Pal 
Map My Fitness
Run Keeper 
Lose It

and many more!

Where to buy

Google for more retailers!


Before I bought this, a lot of people said it’s novelty and I won’t really use it.  Three months later, I’m still here checking my app and making sure I try and keep to my goals - so I disagree.  I think it’s a great little tool to help you live a better lifestyle.  I don’t know if it’ll help you lose a lot of weight or whatever, but I certainly am more aware of my sleeping patterns, how much I walk through the day and what I put on my plate.  If nothing it’s a constant reminder of the healthy lifestyle I aspire to have.  I absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants to make those changes to their lives.

Do you use a fitness activity tracker?  What are your thoughts on them?  Share in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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