2 December 2015

Currently Loving | Instagram Accounts

This is one post that I’ve been meaning to write for the longest time, but have the hardest time curating!  I follow and enjoy so many Instagram accounts that it’s almost impossible to narrow down to just 5 – so this is going to be a continuing feature on my blog!  I will share account I find inspiring, feeds I can’t look away from and just enjoy their content.  Keep reading to discover their stunning feeds!

Sal Ummbaby's IG Feed - Aspiring Londoner

I came across Sal’s Instagram as she liked my photos – and as soon as I landed on her feed, I knew we were kindred spirits!  She shares my passion for skincare and beauty like no other!  I love how informative her captions are too!  She’s more than enabled a lot of my purchases in the last few months and I’ve loved them, just as I thought I would.  If you’re and avid lover of beauty and makeup you need to be following her account!

Jill's IG Feed - Aspiring Londoner

Jill has one of the prettiest insta feeds!  It’s one of those where I can’t stop scrolling - I love the bright photos, and the mix of products and places.  Her composition of photos are just right to make me double-tap.  I aspire for my feed to be anywhere near as dreamy as Jill's!  Definitely an instagram account to follow!

Paty's IG Feed - Aspiring Londoner

Paty’s IG feed is one for the wanderlust-ers among us!  It’s filled with stunning snaps of places that’ll make you wanna take the next plane out.  Her photos are beautifully vibrant and a visual delight.  Anyone that needs inspiration to travel or try a new activity will no doubt be inspired by Paty's feed.  I’m forever noting down places that I want to visit from her feed! 

Stylepeasant's IG Feed - Aspiring Londoner

I love SP’s style!  Her photos just exude happiness and positivity.  I came across her IG probably about a year ago and have followed her ever since - really adore her infectious smile.  She always looks so effortlessly stylish - absolutely covet her effortless yet put together chic style!

Boy, it’s difficult to describe why you like someone’s insta feed!  Instagram is such a visual platform, that you like things when you see them, but to come up with actual reasons - not so easy!  Please check out these lovely ladies and me @aspiringlondoner (shamesless, I know!) on instagram and if you follow them, let them know I sent you! ;-)

Have an amazing day guys!

Share some of your favourite Instagram accounts in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!  Also I'm at @aspiringlondoner on IG, come and say hi!

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