3 December 2015

From My Stash | Eyeshadow Crayons

Eyeshadow sticks are my favourites at the moment.  It really does make life so much easier to swipe shadows on your lids with a crayon and just blend.  Genius!  I’d stopped wearing eyeshadows regularly as it felt like such effort – but I’m back in love with it and here is a roundup of my favourites!

Eyeshadow Crayons Review+Swatch ft By Terry, Kiko, Sephora - Aspiring Londoner

I’ve raved and raved about these since I first used them.  Just the best thing ever, amazingly pigmented and has the best lasting power I’ve come across in eyeshadow sticks!  I’ve worn them alone (i.e. no primer) over 7 hours with no creasing.  And that’s saying something as I have super oily lids.  I love the cooling almost gel like formula when you apply yet you can’t ‘feel’ it.  It really is a product worth the hype and your cash – be it one that you treat yourself to only once!

By Terry Limited Edition Aqua Eyeshadow Crayon (£23)

Unlike the Blackstars, this eyeshadow crayon is slightly more dry.  I suspect this is due to the matte colour.  I love the vibrant blue and how easy it is to apply.  There’s no patchiness that I’ve previously experienced.  It has similar lasting power to the blackstars too - I highly recommend getting these limited edition crayons as they are the same high quality with a cheaper price tag and brilliant colour range.  I love applying this on my lower lash line for some drama and a pop of colour.

Eyeshadow Crayons Review+Swatch ft By Terry, Kiko, Sephora - Aspiring Londoner

The Kiko Eyeshadow sticks have been called dupes of the By Terry Blackstars, however I’d disagree.  They might have similar shades however in texture or longevity they don’t come near the By Terry ones.  However they are a great affordable alternative as with a primer they do last well and has a brilliant shade range, from neutrals to vibrant shades.  They are soft and glide on nicely on your lids and the colours do pack a punch.  At under £6 – these are one of the best eyeshadow sticks on the high street.

I love Kiko’s eye products!  Easily the best on the high street, so I was excited to try these new offerings from them.  The formula is like no other I’ve tried, very similar to the By Terry Blackstars in the sense, they have an amazing cool formula on application.  Super creamy and blends really easily, in terms of longevity - similar to the regular Kiko long lasting eyeshadow sticks - around 5-6 hours.  But they trump them in colour payoff, very intense and super pigmented.  Definitely worth trying out!

I was excited to try these out!  The formula and pigmentation is great.  They look really vibrant on the lids - I was immediately drawn to the lovely violet shade.  However they lasting power is quite power on its own.  With a primer it is slightly better, but no more than 4-5 hours.  For the price I paid, I wouldn’t recommend them at all.  It’s a shame as I really thought they might compare against the By Terry crayons, however nowhere near the quality.

Eyeshadow Crayons Review+Swatch ft By Terry, Kiko, Sephora - Aspiring Londoner

These are the eyeshadow crayons currently in my stash that I’m using.  What’re your favourite eyeshadow products to use right now?  Share recommendations in the comments below or tweet me @aspiring_london!

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Some of these items have been sent to me for review purposes.

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