1 December 2015

5 Ways To Stay Positive

I find it the hardest to stay positive in the winter months.  It’s dark outside when I go to work, and when I finish work – it’s hard to feel uplifted and motivated when even the weather isn’t in the mood!  I’ve been feeling more and more tired and lethargic, it all adds up to that feeling of ‘can’t be bothered’ and fuel a negative mindset.  I’ve in turn found it difficult to even blog, I just couldn’t bring myself round to doing anything creative/productive.  So decided to turn it around as otherwise, it’d be a long and miserable winter.  I’ve been trying various things to keep myself in a positive mind set and continue to remain positive every day.  I thought I’d share some of my tips which might help you.

Five Ways To Stay Positive - Aspiring Londoner

Get moving

This is going to sound incredibly clich├ęd, but it really does help!  Even if I don’t make it to the gym, every morning, I do some stretches a few star jumps, some squats – just move every part of my body to get my circulation going and wake me up.  It helps me to get warm quicker in the morning and does help me feel more awake.  I’ve seen the difference to when I just slouched and made my tea and breakfast to when I did some activity and made my breakfast.  I felt better.

Listen to music

I’ve created a playlist on my phone with some upbeat music.  Music that makes me smile and makes me want to dance!  It helps to take my mind off whatever I’m thinking about and puts me in a better mood than I was.  At the end of the day, who doesn’t like some music?! Guilty pleasure music I’m listening to right now – Justin Bieber’s new album! Yes, I’ve said it – judge me all you like!

Have some ‘me’ time

This could be anything – reading a book, having a bath, cooking your favourite meal, watching your favourite episode of Friends or just going for a walk.  Anything that you enjoy, that doesn’t include thinking too much or doing too much.  Something that’ll allow you to switch off from work/life/relationships, something to allow your head to declutter and find some peace.  This really works to give you perspective.  Make sure you make time for this in your schedule – we always put way too much pressure on ourselves but don’t give ourselves enough time to enjoy all our own efforts!  This’ll allow you the space from the negative situation and give you that perspective to say ‘hey, do you know what?  Life isn’t so bad!’

Practice mindfulness

I’ve gotten into doing this more regularly recently.  It has similar effects to   Mindfulness is kind of a meditation exercise that you can do yourself, anytime, anywhere.  It allows you to clear your mind and be more aware of the thoughts in your own mind.  I use an app called ‘Headspace’ which really helps to get started, there are various other apps out there that does similar things.   I’ve often tried this when I felt stressed from work, and it really just helped to calm my mind and look at problems differently.  That’s a step towards a more positive outlook – gaining perspective.  If you try this or already do this – let me know!  I’m always eager to learn new things and love to hear your thoughts.  If you’ve never heard of mindfulness, here’s some information from the NHS.

Try new things

I read somewhere recently that we shouldn’t accumulate things, we should accumulate experiences.  This struck a cord with wit me.  We’re constantly talking about sales, promotions, buying, hoarding – I admit, as a blogger, I’m probably one of the worst offenders!  But other than the instant gratification, does it really add value to my life?  Or, does looking at my holiday snaps, that time I fell on my face trying to ice skate, or time with my loved ones give me more happiness?  For most, it’ll be the latter, so trying new things, spending time with people that really make you laugh and happy are definitely worth doing.  I started reflecting and thinking about the new things I did this year, there wasn’t many, I’m ashamed to say – so as we look upon 2016, I’ve decided to finally learn to swim and finish learning German!  This alone gave me such a boost of productivity and a positive outlook, so just imagine once I do accomplish it, how much better I will feel!

On that positive note, I hope this post will help others like me out there who needs a little something every day to brighten up their day.  I’m by no means an expert on mental well-being, but I absolutely understand and value how important it is to look after our minds.  If you have anything that you do everyday that helps you to stay positive, please tweet me at @aspiring_london or comment below.  I very much appreciate all of you reading and commenting, another thing that brings positivity to my days

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