20 January 2016

Personal Challenges For 2016!

It’s been a few years since I’ve written proper new year’s resolution.  However 2015 has been a year of revelations for me like never before.  It spurred me on to think about what I want from my life and how I’m going to achieve my goals.  I want to have real targets with timescales and accountability so I make sure I’m working towards my goals and not just daydreaming about them.
2016 Personal Challenges - Aspiring Londoner


Clich├ęd as it is, I’ve honed in on having an active and healthier lifestyle.  I’ve achieved a fair amount of this already and now I want to really drive it home.  I’ve started working with a personal trainer and that is how I will achieve my short/long term goals of building muscles and decreasing body fat percentage.  I feel really optimistic and enthusiastic about this as I’ve never worked out with a PT before!  I’ll keep you updated on what I think of the whole process.


I’ve always been good at managing money.  It’s something my parents have instilled in me and working in the financial industry has only helped.  I’d love to save up for a house deposit and spend less shopping mindlessly in sales!  I’ve got more than enough makeup for a *few* lifetimes!  I’m working on downsizing my collection drastically, it’s difficult to do as I write a beauty blog – but honestly it’s starting to get a little overwhelming.

Mental Wellbeing

In the last year, I’ve really appreciated the value of mental wellbeing.  I think it has helped that I’ve adapted a more active lifestyle; in the same way, I don’t want to neglect my mental health.  I have a somewhat stressful full-time job with demanding bosses and ever-changing priorities; I blog as much as I can and also *try* to have a life.  Juggling all these means, I hardly make time for me. Even when I am in the bath or whatever, I end up posting things on instagram/twitter to interact with my readers/followers.  So I don’t actually ever switch off.  I mentioned in my ‘How I stay positive’ post about practising mindfulness.  Although I do practise it – I do it in very short bursts.  I’d like to do this everyday and for longer periods of time.


I’d like to take a trip alone somewhere.  It occurred to me that I’ve never travelled alone anywhere, which is crazy!  I mean I’ve travelled for work or for a specific reason but never just to travel.  I definitely think it’s something everyone should do, almost as a rite of passage.  It doesn’t have to be far or particularly adventurous, just somewhere by myself where I have to find my own way and get involved with locals without thinking ‘oh so and so is doing it, I’m just gonna sit and do nothing’.


Last but not least, I’m going to strive for a better balance in my life.  I’ve turned into a bit of an workaholic and forgot how to say ‘no’.  I’m going to say a little bit more ‘no’ to unnecessary work/pressure and say a bit more ‘yes’ to things that will add value to my own life.  2016 is not going to be a repeat of overworked and exhausted Farzana!

Hope you’ve all had a good year, if not, you’ve come out stronger to take on 2016!  Wishing you all a prosperous 2016!

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