22 December 2016

Christmas + Boxing Day Sales 2016

I don't like shopping just because there are sales.  However there are a few things I needed, that I've saved for the sales season. I thought I'd share some of my picks from the sales that have already started!  Madness!  Remember the days when Boxing Day sales used to actually start ON Boxing Day?!  Anyway let's get started!

Keep checking back as I will be updating as more and more sales start!  Happy Shopping!

Christmas Boxing Day Sales 2016 - Aspiring Londoner


17 December 2016

Styling A Statement Necklace

A while back Estee Lalonde showed a coin necklace that I was instantly in love with and had to have.  Obviously, it was sold out and I was left disappointed.  I kept searching for something similar but there was nothing like it.  You know when you want something, and you can’t have it and that just makes you want it more? Yeah, that. 

Coins Statement Necklace | Happiness Boutique - Aspiring Londoner


5 December 2016

Skincare | Makeup Removers

Skincare is my favourite thing.  I may fall out of love with makeup but the lure of serums, oils and the various new ingredients never fail to attract me to skincare.  The reasons behind this are both therapeutic and forward-looking.  Looking after my skin gives me the sense of looking after myself and that much needed 'me time' that is almost impossible to get in our busy lives and the forward-looking aspect being, investing in my skin.  I'd like to look back in 20 years time and thank my younger self for the skin I have.

Skincare Routine | Makeup Removers - Aspiring Londoner

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