22 May 2017

Skincare | Acid Toners

Toners, chemical exfoliators whatever you want to call it – these range of skincare products have pretty much revolutionised our skincare regimes in the last couple of years.  In turn, our skins have thanked us for it too!  My skin has never been clearer and more glowy since introducing chemical exfoliators.  The products I've mentioned below, I tend to use them in the evening after double cleansing.  If you're interested to read about the products I use for double cleansing, see makeup removers here and skin cleansers here.  Naturally today’s post will give you an insight into the products I have on my skincare shelf on rotation.  Please note, if using acids in your skincare - it is crucial to use SPF, otherwise you will be risking sun damage.  I have an SPF post here, if you need help to choose.

Skincare Routine Acid Toners - Aspiring Londoner

16 May 2017

A week of…Veganism

Yeah, the girl who said she couldn’t even be vegetarian, tried being Vegan!  Why?  I have been educating myself about the things I eat and what impact it has not just on my health, but on the environment too.  If you’re interested, watch the documentary ‘Cowspiracy’ that about sums everything up.  It made me question how much protein my body actually needs to maintain good health and how much I'm actually eating.  Is this good for me?  Is this good for the environment?   If you're interested in knowing more - I highly recommend the documentary Cowspiracy, I assure you - the facts will blow your mind! Anyway, I tried it out for a week and this is what I realised.

Being Vegan for a week - Aspiring Londoner


8 May 2017

Game Changing Brush Cleaning Tool Under £5!

Weekend brush cleaning is the bane of my life, as I suspect it is for most women.  And I have never found anything that helped to give my poor hands a rest.  I tend to use whatever soap/cleanser I have and swirl the brush around on the palm of my hands.  After 6 or so brushes, believe me – your hands start to get a tad sore!  I’ve tried using the facial exfoliating sponges you can buy and used those however they don’t quite do the job as well as I’d like them to.

Makeup Revolution Pro Cleanse Brush Tool Review - Aspiring Londoner


4 May 2017

Skincare | Skin Cleansers

It’s been a while since my first post on this skincare series, my previous post discussed the makeup removers I use on rotation.  Today I bring you, the facial skin cleansers I use.  This is the second step in my skincare routine.  After removing my makeup, this step ‘cleanses’ the skin of any residue of makeup and dead cells.  Some of the products I mentioned below are great for massaging your face to re-invigorate your skin and pamper yourself.

Skincare Routine Cleansers - Aspiring Londoner


27 April 2017

Introduction to The Ordinary Skincare Brand

About six weeks ago, I made my first purchases from The Ordinary skincare line.  It was all over Instagram, and obviously peaked my interest like most skin junkies!  I got a mix of products that I thought would be most suited to my skin, i.e. bring on the acids!  I have to say the brand itself has really won me over – most products are vegan, cruelty free and provides a lot of information to the consumers about what products they are going to be putting on their face.  Full marks for all the information and price!

The Ordinary Deciem Skincare Review - Aspiring Londoner


10 March 2017

How to: Budget Your Money

That word, that we all need to do but probably avoid most of the times.  Budgeting is almost like dieting, you know you should do it, you feel like a good person when you do it, but you don’t always stick to it – and at the end of the month, wonder where all your money has gone.

I’m a numbers girl, always have been.  I’ve always loved Maths and still do.  However, that didn’t quite translate into me being good with money.  After graduation, on my first graduate job, I thought I was so grown-up with a real job and a real salary.  I thought to myself, ‘ah, I won’t be skint again like when I was a student!’.  After a few months, I realised how wrong I was.  You see, we tend to spend more than we think we spend.  And this is precisely why at the end of the month we’re left wondering where did it all go?! 

How To Budget Your Money - Aspiring Londoner


1 March 2017

Five Simple Tips To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Fitness goals are notoriously hard to achieve.  However this isn’t because they’re difficult.  Although simple, that doesn’t mean it’s easy!  Everyone knows the basic of losing weight – eat less, move more.  Easier said than done right?  Over the past year and a half, I’ve settled into a fitness routine that works for me.  I’ve observed my body change and as a by-product I’ve lost some weight.  Whatever the motivation is behind your fitness goals, these tips will help you to keep you on your track to achieve it.

Five Simple Tips to Achieve your Fitness Goals - Aspiring Londoner 

27 February 2017

Impressive Brands I've Tried This Year

After my sporadic blogging phase last year, I was thinking what can get me excited about blogging again.  One of the best things about being a beauty blogger is trying out new brands.  So that’s exactly what I’m sharing today.  I’ve been trying out some brands that are new to me.  A mixture of skincare and makeup, I’m mostly excited because there are a few American brands that I’ve been so keen to try out!

New Brands I'm Trying 2017 - Aspiring Londoner

2 February 2017

How to Find Blogging Motivation

Blogging is quite a hard hobby to maintain despite what most people think.  It isn’t churning out the first thing that comes to your mind and getting freebies for it.  There is a lot that goes on in the background – photography, upkeep of blog links, domain, research about products that you trial to name a few!  And that’s just the tangible part of blogging – coming up with new ideas and projects, or making existing themes your own – these are the things nobody tells you about.  Sure, when you’re a new blogger, you’ve got lots of ideas to get you going.  But what happens when you’re in a rut?  When you’ve hit your proverbial blogging wall?

Blogging Motivation Tips - Aspiring Londoner


30 January 2017

Fleur de Force Eyeshadow Quads - An Impressive Discovery!

Quality budget eyeshadows are hard to find.  Although the drugstore eyeshadows have gotten better over the years, they can be hit and miss still.  Yes, there are the Collection palettes (swatches here), however there hasn't been many other budget brands that have a palette with a good choice of colours.

Fleur de Force Eyeshadow Quad Review Swatch - Aspiring Londoner


26 January 2017

theBalm Highlite 'N Con Tour Palette - THE face palette you need!

It's 2017 and contouring is still here.  I don't care what the YouTubers' are saying about trends that need to die; contour palettes are still all over the place!  The newest one comes from theBalm - Highlite 'N Con Tour™!  A palette that has all your face powder needs covered - two shimmery highlighters, two matte highlighters, two matte contour powders, a matte bronzer power and a matte blush.

theBalm Highlite N con Tour Palette Review + Swatch - Aspiring Londoner


18 January 2017

5 Awesome Free Resources for Bloggers

Being a blogger isn't all macarons and peonies (I'd argue, it never has been for me!) - there are a lot of skills involved; most of which are self-taught.  It's pretty difficult trying to teach yourself to take better and better photos, fix the little coding issues on your blog template, SEO etc. etc. etc.!  Thankfully there are a lot of resources on the www to give us bloggers a helping hand.  I've found quite a few over the last few years that have helped me, and I continue to find more and more that I want to share!

5 Awesome Free Resources for Bloggers - Aspiring Londoner


10 January 2017

How to: Downsize Your Makeup Collection

Being a beauty enthusiast and a blogger, I’ve accumulated quite the collection over the years.  It came to the point last year, where I was quite overwhelmed and even put me off blogging as I couldn’t face going through my collection.  There was a strange mixture of guilt, overwhelm and sadness.  I had too much stuff and it took the joy away from one of the things I enjoyed so much!  I didn’t know what to do or where to start.  I started to get rid of things so many times, but never got past the feeling of ‘oh but I love this and I spent so much money on it!’ or ‘I’m going to put that in my makeup bag and then I’ll definitely use it more!’ – do you know what?  It never happened.

How to: Downsize Your Makeup Collection - Aspiring Londoner


5 January 2017


New year’s resolutions’ – I make them almost every year and I never achieve all of them.  Part of me thinks why bother?!  The other part thinks, well, had I not made any resolutions, I wouldn’t have even achieve what I did!  So on the 30th of December, I’m sat here writing these goals to share with you guys as I hope to improve myself a little more in 2017.  Remember self-improvement isn’t always about being perfect, it’s about striving to be better than you were yesterday.

2017 New Year's Resolutions - Aspiring Londoner


3 January 2017

2016 Favourites

I don't think I'll be classed as a real blogger if I didn't write this post.  It says so in the handbook...(eye roll at the rubbish joke).  I wanted to write this as for the first time in a couple of years I've enjoyed reading others' posts and I wanted to share some of the beautiful products I've loved over the last 12 months.  It was hard to narrow it down especially with skincare, special shoutout to Pestle and Mortar - you'll be hearing more about them soon.  Keep on reading to see what has made the cut!

2016 Makeup, Skincare and Lifestyle Favourites - Aspiring Londoner
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