3 January 2017

2016 Favourites

I don't think I'll be classed as a real blogger if I didn't write this post.  It says so in the handbook...(eye roll at the rubbish joke).  I wanted to write this as for the first time in a couple of years I've enjoyed reading others' posts and I wanted to share some of the beautiful products I've loved over the last 12 months.  It was hard to narrow it down especially with skincare, special shoutout to Pestle and Mortar - you'll be hearing more about them soon.  Keep on reading to see what has made the cut!

2016 Makeup, Skincare and Lifestyle Favourites - Aspiring Londoner


I’ve had trouble sleeping quite a bit through 2016 and woke up with awful puffy eyes.  This stuff are the only things that helped to bring the puffiness down and hydrated the skin around my eyes.  I like the soft, jelly-like texture of the pads that does’t pull on my skin as I take it off.  I leave them on for as long as 45 mins and still it comes off comfortably – they’re easy to use and works.  Just the kind of things I like!

Masque Bar Hydro Gel Eye Patches - Aspiring Londoner

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I looked into The Body Shop Facial Massager about 18 months ago and didn’t buy it as I hated how it was plasticky and felt rough.  I knew I wouldn’t use it and couldn’t understand why people were raving about it.  Few months ago, I was in TBS and decided to take a look at this again as it looked different.  It was.  They’ve significantly changed the roller/massager and it has a rubberised head and the spikes are softer.  I bought it and have been using it almost every night ever since.  I really like how it feels and it forces me to be more attentive to my skin.  It might be placebo effect, who knows, but I feel like the contours of my face are more prominent.  I haven’t looked into others’ results but I will link some videos below if you’re interested in facial massages.

The Body Shop Facial Massager - Aspiring Londoner

I’ve already raved about this.  Love!  Really good budget alternative for an old favourite (Hydraluron Moisture Mask).  I always have this in my skincare drawer now, after a long day at work, pop this on my face, close my eyes and listen to a podcast – bliss!

This has been on my night time skincare for the last few months.  It’s light, absorbs easily and has a subtle rose scent.  It gives the most amazing glow to my skin that I can’t get enough of!  Just quite obsessed by this. 

Pixi Overnight Glow Serum + Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil - Aspiring Londoner

I think I’ve mentioned this before, this serum makes my skin the softest I’ve ever felt.  After applying this, my skin just drinks up moisturiser.  Another one that really helps to achieve that glow I’m all about.  One of my qualms with my skin is the texture.  I’m forever envious of women that have smooth skin, I feel that this serum is helping me to even my skin out somewhat.

I have been meaning to write about this since Spring, but it never happened!  I briefly featured this on my Instagram – but oh em gee – this is a miracle product and a half!  Clarins Body Scrub works like magic in smoothing the skin on my body and has minimised ingrown hair issues massively.  This summer it has been the one thing that I’ve religiously used.  I always want to take better care of my skin but laziness gets the better of me – but because this gave such amazing results, I actively took better care.  If you have dry skin and in-grown hair issues, I highly recommend you check this out!


Full review here.  Really lightweight, but great coverage base.  Really enjoyed using this through the year.  Possibly one of my favourite bases.

Estee Lauder Double Wear + NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint - Aspiring Londoner

You already know I love this, but I wanted to mention it again because I took it with me on my Asia trip – and even in the sweltering, humid heat – it made me look flawless and my pictures look great!  So special mention to this utterly fabulous foundation!

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love this shimmery blush as it’s like a blush and highlighter 2-in-1.  I use this pretty much every day and love the effect.  It’s subtle but stunning.  I don’t feel overdone with it on a daily basis.

Kiko High Pigment Eyeshadow - Aspiring Londoner

This has been my go-to highlighter for most of the year, if you couldn’t tell by the sizeab;e dent I’ve made in the pan.  It’s just beautiful!  And affordable of course!  If you want a subtle glow, dust it on as a powder; if you want to go all out, bring out your wet Beautyblender and you can shine like a diamond all night long!  I cannot rave about this enough – so please go and swatch this at your nearest Kiko store at your earliest convenience!

This year I seem to have moved away from wearing bright nail polish.  It wasn’t a conscious decision, I just haven’t felt like wearing bright colours.  My best friend has been mostly the Nails Inc x VB collaboration polish in Bamboo White.  It’s a subtle nude that lasts ages without chipping and gives my hands a very looked after, polished finish.

Nails Inc VB Victoria Beckham Bamboo White - Aspiring Londoner

It made me cry a little when I bought it.  I may not ever buy one again, because they cost so much, but possibly the best ever matte formula of lipstick I’ve tried.  The colour is stunning – worn this a lot over the autumn/winter period and had compliments on it every single time.  It’s a great little treat for me and I adore the colour.  The minimalist me would say I can safely throw away all my other A/W lipsticks (I haven’t.).

Everything Else

I love these guys – Joshua and Ryan has positively changed my life this year.  Their weekly podcasts are witty, informative and helpful.  I enjoy them immensely.  Even if you’re not into minimalism, try listening to one of their podcasts – I’m certain you’ll gain something from it.

How can I have favourites without having something related with food?!  It just wouldn’t be right.  I don’t like peanut butter – there I’ve said it.  Because of this I’ve never tried any other nut butters.  I tried this just because of the coconut element of this and omg, so, so good!!  This is the only thing I have with my toast now, can’t be without it.  It’s so tasty and obviously a great alternative to actual butter.  If you like nut butters (or not), give this a shot.

Documentaries – Cowspiracy and The True Cost

Few weeks ago, I was down with the flu.  And I went down hard.  I was off work and driving myself up the wall as I don’t like sitting around doing nothing.  So I started watching documentaries – these two stood out by miles.  They are well made and thought provoking, enough to make you want to initiate change.  That to me is a sign of good documentary.  Some of the facts presented are eye-opening and made me interested in various topics.  If like me, you want to know about what we consume (not just food), give these a watch.

What has been your favourites last year?   If you have any podcasts and documentaries you think I'd enjoy - please let me know!

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Some of these items have been sent to me for review purposes.

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