22 May 2017

Skincare | Acid Toners

Toners, chemical exfoliators whatever you want to call it – these range of skincare products have pretty much revolutionised our skincare regimes in the last couple of years.  In turn, our skins have thanked us for it too!  My skin has never been clearer and more glowy since introducing chemical exfoliators.  The products I've mentioned below, I tend to use them in the evening after double cleansing.  If you're interested to read about the products I use for double cleansing, see makeup removers here and skin cleansers here.  Naturally today’s post will give you an insight into the products I have on my skincare shelf on rotation.  Please note, if using acids in your skincare - it is crucial to use SPF, otherwise you will be risking sun damage.  I have an SPF post here, if you need help to choose.

Skincare Routine Acid Toners - Aspiring Londoner

10% Glycolic Acid

I’ve finished these pads and don’t think I’ll repurchase them.  The pads themselves are good, the 10% glycolic acid works well for my skin.  However, they don’t do much more than the Pixi glow tonic; and I don’t feel the price is justified.  It’s a good product and it does work, but there are products out there at a fraction of the price that work just as well if not better.  The pads have a smooth texture so it’s not abrasive on the skin.  If you have quite sensitive skin, I wouldn’t go for this.  However, if your skin is quite hard core and doesn’t respond to the 5% GA products, this might be worth a try.

5% Glycolic Acid

What can I say about Pixi Glow Tonic – this is perhaps the most famous product of our times.  Rightfully so, as it does what it says on the bottle and all for a reasonable price!  This is a product that needs to be part of your regular skincare routine.  Whenever I’ve used it continuously for weeks, I’ve seen glowing, clearer skin.  It’s a product that delivers results, if you’re struggling with mild acne scarring, excessive oily skin and just dull skin.  PIxi Glow Tonic will always be a favourite of mine.

Skincare Routine Acid Toners - Aspiring Londoner

I love the fragrance of this!!  Obviously it’s artificially fragranced but it’s still great.  The Clarins toner has glycolic and salicylic acid, annoyingly % is unknown.  But the fact that it works, gives me enough satisfaction that there is a sufficient %.  This toner works similarly to the Pixi one in me.  I have to regularly use it to see any change.  It makes my skin super smooth and supple.  With prolonged use, this and the Pixi Glow Tonic helps with acne scarring too.  The glow is real!

The Jurlique mist is refreshing hydration in a bottle!  The spray packaging is undoubtedly the best as it sprays the finest mist ever!  The glass bottle is quite clunky and heavy so not one for travelling with, which is a shame.  I don’t know if they do a travel size – because this’d be so SO perfect for summer holidays.  Ingredients include lactic acid which helps with breakouts.  It feels refreshing on the skin and acts as an extra layer of hydration that I welcome during the drier, warmer months.  The subtle rose scent relaxes me somewhat too.  Absolutely worth investing in, and it lasts a long time too!

Skincare Routine Acid Toners - Aspiring Londoner

The FAB facial pads are a much more affordable alternative to the Cane + Austin ones I mentioned.  These have lactic acid and glycolic acid in the ingredients however are quite gentle i.e. they won’t sting your face.  I use them quite regularly and take them with me on holiday as they are handy for travel.  If you’re new to acids or unsure and want to try acids – I highly recommend these.  My one advice would be that the pads are textured so don’t rub too firmly – I did this the first few times and my skin did not like it.  Be gentle and let the product work its magic.

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Some of these items have been sent to me for review purposes.

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