1 April 2020

Lockdown Diaries | Reading Challenge

The lockdown and social distancing has gotten me feeling lonely is a very different way.  Whilst my friends are working from home and talking about enjoying nature, I’m going in to work every day, busier than ever and feeling lonely that I’m unable to share these new experiences. Before you freak out, I’m a key worker.  

Reading challenge - Aspiring Londoner

To balance that lonely feeling, I feel quite enthused about the time I’m able to spend on myself and my goals.  It struck me this morning – why don’t I try some new things and see where I end up in 30 days, 3 months, or 6 months’ time?  I’ve thought about this many a times.  How we underestimate what we can do within a timescale and what can I achieve when I focus my time and energy on a goal and consistently showed up?

So here I am, it only took a worldwide lockdown, but sometimes we need a wakeup call – and this is it folks.  First challenge – a book a day for 30 days.  I know, bold.  But given my love of reading from a young age, this seemed like a no brainer.  It’s something I’ve seen bloggers/youtubers do and have been intrigued by it.  I enjoy it so there’s an internal motivation, and it’s challenging and I definitely love a good challenge!  I use the word ‘read’ loosely – I’m going to use various mediums: physical books, ebooks and audiobooks.  Just to make sure I don’t zone out, I will also post short reviews – so I’ll be present, mindful and share knowledge!

What goals are you working in during this time?  What does your self-care involve?

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