3 April 2020

Lockdown Diaries | Book Review “Silver Sparrow”

Last year, I read my first book by Tayari, “An American Marriage” and instantly loved her style of writing.  So when I came across “Silver Sparrow”, I knew I had to read it.

Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones - Book Review by Aspiring Londoner

The book is set in Atlanta in the ‘80’s and circles the life of two sisters who share a bigamist father.  That’s not a spoiler, in fact that’s in the first paragraph of the book!  From the two sisters, only one knew of the other’s existence.  The book switches back and forth a little to help us understand the characters’ stories and mostly follows the two girls’ lives.

Although James (the bigamist dad) does everything in his power to keep his ‘outside’ family a secret, a chance encounter between his two daughters threatens his double life and the story unfolds.  I also enjoyed how the author split the book into two parts; each narrated by Dana and Chaurisse’s (the two sisters) perspectives.  It’s interesting how the two girls’ lives and identity are defined by choices made by their father and Jones perceptively portrays this.

The book explores women, relationships, families and lies, struggle for attention and love – one of the best fiction books I’ve read.  Tayari Jones is fast becoming a favourite of mine, with her gripping storytelling and insightful characters.  Highly recommend that you add ‘Silver Sparrow’ by Tayari Jones to your reading list!

P.S: Yes, I also listened to it on Scribd audiobook – honestly, audiobooks are the shi*t!

Have you read it?  What contemporary fiction books are on your reading list?


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