4 April 2020

Lockdown Diaries | Book Review “My Sister, the Serial Killer”

This has been on my reading list for a while, everyone that has read it, has given it a rave review.  Also, it’s quite short so would be easier to finish in a day, so my choice was made!

My Sister, the Serial Killer - Book Review

When it comes to contemporary fiction, a book cover inevitably plays into the decision making for me.  I loved the colourful cover art, and yes it did draw me in.

The story is about two sisters, one of whom is a serial killer (Ayoola) and the other, Korede, helps her cover up the crimes.  Throughout the book, we see Korede’s struggle between her conscience and her love and sense of duty to her sister and her protection.  It really highlights the grey areas between right and wrong.  We so readily accept that certain actions are right/wrong – but what about the intricacies of life and relationships? 

We get a glimpse of the sisters’ childhood and what may be the reason behind Ayoola’s violence.  This also helps us understand the sisters’ relationships a little more, we see the roots of Korede’s sense of responsibility and duty to Ayoola.

The events that unfold when Ayoola and the cute doctor, that Korede has had a crush on start dating and Korede has to choose between his wellbeing and Ayoola’s.  In my opinion, the story is a little rushed after this point, however it’s not bad by any means, just a little difficult to follow.  Oyinkan’s use of Lagos’ surroundings in her story is endearing and gives the readers an insight into the environment the characters are in.

I enjoyed this book with the dark humour, intricate characters and family saga.  I’d be keen to read future stories from Oyinkan!

Have you read 'My Sister, the Serial Killer'?  Send me some recommendations please!

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